Alana Cooklin is the most skilled astrologer I have ever worked with.  She combines specific, practical information with a deep intuitive connection and insights, all of which will leave you feeling informed, moved, and prepared to take on life!”    ~Janet, yoga guru, Austin, TX
"Alana is so full of knowledge, insight and intuition that a Human Design reading with her is like a gift with many layers.  The truths you recognise and appreciate immediately give way to more complex connections as you reflect on what has been shared after the session.  The way she answers your questions along the way allows you to bring together many of the threads of your life.  It has been truly exceptional and revealing for me!" 
~ Karen, Life Coach, Tantra and Qigong Teacher, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Astrology is a practical tool for self-realization. It provides a map of what you came into this life to do and show you the tools you brought to address challenges and fulfill your life’s purpose. Far from being a predestined prescription for your life, your natal chart is a guide, which used in conjunction with your free will, is mutable and adaptable to whatever is required of you in the  moment. 

I interpret your natal chart and offer insight into any relevant transits that are affecting you or the issue you are currently inquiring about.

Human Design takes astrology to a higher octave. Using the same information as conventional astrology (birth date, time and place), the Human Design system charts not only your conscious personality but also your unconscious design. Drawing from the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system and the Kabalistic Tree of Life, Human Design interprets your life path through a “Bodygraph” rather than a natal chart and offers strategies for overcoming conditioning and fulfilling your life's purpose.