"I am so blessed and thankful for Alana! She continues to speak to my spirit in the most genuine and loving manner one could hope for. Her sessions will meet you where you are no matter what beliefs or season of life you are in, and will open your heart to help answer questions your soul has been yearning for. Compassionate, loving , caring, personable is just who she is, and healing is what she does. If you are looking for a truly gifted and honest spiritual leader/life coach...don't wait! Start this beautiful journey today!"


~Jacob Gonzales~

(Musician, producer, teacher, worship pastor) 

We are all faced with critical decisions at one moment or another during the course of our lifetime. As relational beings, when we are at a crossroads, we are inclined to seek guidance from a source that feels wiser than ourselves.  We turn to God (or Source) or intimate friends and family who know us well for direction. Rarely does it occur to us to consult the source closest to us: our own Essential or “Higher” Self.

I am an interpreter of what your Essential Self wants to share with you.  My unique psychic gift allows me to "hear" the dictates of your soul’s path as they reveal themselves to you through me.