Alana Cooklin


"My reading with Alana was so profound from a soul level because she uses her gifts and talents to hold you with tenderness, grace and clarity. Alana shared with me aspects of myself that I have always known were there and helped me see what is holding me back. I am so excited for the next chapter of my life and am grateful for Alana's assistance in my transformation. Her highly intuitive readings are a gift to the planet." 

     ~Eileen Barber, Relationship Coach, Austin, TX

"Alana rocks!  She was warm, intelligent, and full of wildly accurate information about me and my life.  How did she know all of what she told me?  During our session, I laughed, I cried and throughout, received hugely important messages.   Run, don’t walk to do a reading with this lady.  You will be glad you did!"

     ~J.F,  Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, Austin, TX


Most major life decisions involve deep emotional attachments, which often find their root in family of origin dynamics. When the way forward is not clear, either because of fear or distortion in the psychic field, many people turn to psychotherapy and counseling. These modalities are very useful for addressing many types of problems and stressors. But they are limited when dealing with apparently intractable issues of psycho-genetics, past-life and energetic distortions, which fall outside the purview of traditional therapies. This is where the tools of meta-physical energy work can be often astonishingly effective. 

I work with resonant energy to cut through the narratives of the mind and catalyze your ability to heal yourself through shifts in your subtle bodies (physical, emotional, etheric, mental, astral, celestial and causal) and your chakras.