Alana Cooklin


“Fragrant holy oils are the plant kingdom’s living interpretations of sunlight. These 'treasured ethereals' expand the auric field and remove obstacles from the natural flow of energy, gracefully assisting you in accessing the frequencies of your highest potential.”  

      ~Diana Dubrow,  Emerald Temple Sacred Scent School


“The healing touch of an anointing with Alana is hard to describe. It is like a massage, but deeper. The session is both relaxing and empowering, and at times emotional. Its effect takes some time to metabolize, but when it does, it is transformative!”

     ~M. Childs, Marketing Executive, Austin, TX


I offer ceremonial anointings for weddings, births, transitions, and initiations.  An ancient practice which combines the technique of laying on of hands with consciously blended high vibration essential oils, anointing is a sacred art of transformative healing touch.  It must be experienced to truly understand its impact. Words do not come close to doing it justice as a spiritual quickening and awakener.

Based on your birth chart and current transits as well as energetic information, I create an individualized essential oil blend that is your own unique “soul scent” to help support your emotional and spiritual growth and healing.